South Florida Teachers and Students Praise Class Updates for Their Technology during Hurricane Irma

MIAMI, FL–(Marketwired – Sep 19, 2017) – Class Updates, a free mobile messaging application for teachers and students, became an important conduit for information during Hurricane Irma when South Florida educators at local schools such as, Miami-Dade College and UAC School of Global Management, used the app to communicate with students. With understandable confusion about the availability of services in the days leading up to landfall, Class Updates allowed teachers to keep students updated about any campus developments or important information. The application has also been praised by students who utilized the app to connect directly with their classmates.
Teachers and professors normally rely on Class Updates to notify students of class cancellations, due dates for projects and assignments, reminders about upcoming tests or exams, and other pertinent class information, instead used the app to keep students informed about campus and class information in preparation for the storm.
Hurricane Irma may be in the rearview mirror, but support for the Class Updates has only grown after the application demonstrated its usefulness to both students and teachers during a crisis. Professors and students in Florida who utilized the app to keep lines of communication open while Hurricane Irma ripped through the Sunshine State raved about what a great resource Class Updates was during their time of need.
On an average day, Class Updates is a convenient tool for teachers at the high school, college and university level to use for instant, real-time communication with students. Students simply set up their profiles, select their school, add their teachers and add their classes. When done, students get instant access to class updates and any important class notifications or reminders from their teacher. Teachers and professors can post reminders and updates about assignments, projects, tests, and can notify students about class cancellations, emergencies, or use for communication during class field trips. Students can also connect directly with their teachers or classmates via social media options in the application.
Class Updates app proved to be very valuable as teachers used the app to stay connected with their students and keep them informed of important class information related to Hurricane Irma. Although information about school closures was made available on campus websites, Class Updates allowed instructors to inform students via push notifications directly to their mobile devices. Students received instant notifications to their phones and tablets as soon as teachers posted the updates, instead of having to find a way to access the internet and campus website or school email in search of information.
Students and teachers alike have praised Class Updates for the convenience it provided during the days leading up to Hurricane Irma and after the storm passed until classes and normal operations resumed. Class Updates is very proud of the positive impact of its education technology app during Hurricane Irma.
About Class Updates: Class Updates is a mobile messaging app for convenient, instant and seamless teacher to student communication. Teachers can communicate with students through the application via instant notifications in real-time using push notification technology. Class Updates is free to use and includes a comprehensive database of every high school and college in the country, making it a valuable and user-friendly resource for teachers and students alike.
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